All organisations seek improved collaboration, with customers or external partners, and particularly internally. Humans are ‘hard-wired’ for both calculation and reciprocity and also to be suspicious of anyone outside their own ‘tribe’. Collaboration means paying attention to ‘what’s in it for me?’ It also means stimulating reciprocity between the neighbouring work tribes who may well be very suspicious of each other; humans have fought a lot since they first evolved and have most often fought their immediate neighbours. Howell has worked on collaboration with the UK’s most successful provider of English-language assessment.

In the following videos Howell Schroeder and Andrew Campbell from Ashridge share their tips on collaborative working:

Global virtual teams: Most people are now working with colleagues in other offices, countries, departments and languages. Here are some practical tips for smoothing difficult relationships and helping to build trust.

Collaborating at work: A lot of work inside organisations is done through collaboration rather than within close teams.

Relationships at work: Five tips for improving dysfunctional working relationships.

Tribes at work: You are part of one too, and it influences your behaviour.

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